Monday, January 9, 2012

This Thing called De-Cluttering


to think... 

I have a little problem.

My mind is cluttered. My kitchen is cluttered. My wardrobe is cluttered.
My CAR is cluttered. Bathroom, glassware cabinet... all cluttered.

All the things I consider to be very ME... are cluttered.
No wonder I find it SO DARN HARD to simplify things, throw away things I don't need and make space. As soon as space is made it is filled again! grr!

I AM Cluttered!!

Is it possible to declutter when you don't know how to be any other way? It's not just stuff, it's apparently a big part of who I am. Terrifying.

I've declared to myself *this year* I will get a handle on things.
I will fling and Fling and FLING until I can see benchtops clear for more than an hour, until I can FIND my favourite lipstick and eldest girlchild will always know where to find a hairbrush on school mornings.

Want to know the kicker? I'm looking into a job managing or working full time in an opshop. *cue gales of laughter* Wish me luck and PRAY FOR ME!!!

Friday, January 6, 2012


Before you ragequit the blog, please read disclaimer at the bottom eh?

I am sad that I am so upset about this that I need to make the following statements. This should not be happeneing in my community. It shouldn't be happening in my personal life. I cannot believe it's still going on and everyone involved, except me, is turning a blind eye and tsk tsking in private without SAYING ANYTHING.

I don't care if he needed your love because his wife was an evil bitch.

I don't care if she needed some support as her husband or boyfriend was always working.

If you're doing something you wouldn't do infront of the partner, or your parents-

I don't care if no one will ever know. The truth always comes out. And a half truth causes as much if not more damage when it's brought to light.
I don't care if your friend who is a homewrecker thinks they are doing the right thing. DON'T CONDONE IT.

If you're being cheated on, ask for support! It's NOT your fault. There is no shame on you for refusing to be devalued and possibly having your health put at risk. You're worth so much more.

We clear? Now the disclaimer. I'm not innocent. I'm no homewrecker and have never ever gone after someone else's man. I admit to cheating on my boyfriend when I was a teen though, so I'm not sticking a halo on. However; If a friend comes to me and admits what they're done is wrong and they need support in outing themselves to the wronged party, then I AM all support. Love your friends. Don't love what they are doing... ok? cool.