Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kath V2: First Weigh In - Yee Haw!

Kath V2: First Weigh In - Yee Haw!: "I discovered the most delicious yoghurt yesterday - if you love yoghurt and coffee, The Yoghurt Shop make an absolutely stunning cappucino yoghurt!  Sadly, it's over 200 calories per tub :(.  But, fear not...I'm going to have a crack at reproducing a low fat, lower calorie version with the EasiYo tonight - so far looks like it would work out around 165 cals.  Mmmmmmmmm, coffee yoghurt..."

My dear Friend Kath is currently participating in Michelle Bridge's 12 Week Body Transformation. In her first week, she's lost a whole kilo. Go girl. But want to know why I'm really excited? She's having a go at making low fat Cappuccino Yoghurt! If it works, I'll nick her recipe and blog it out. Stay tuned!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Today's little thing - DG in the kitchen.

I was not well this morning and after staggering off to the school run, my son and I sat down in the Lounge, me with my cuppa nd him with his special juice and I asked him
"What would you like to do today DG?
The reply surprised me.
I was expecting 'park' or 'car'... He loves driving around aimlessly. He's one seriously awesome kid. He also has moderate to severe hearing loss, depending on the day, hence the one word answers.

DG instead said "bake a cake." He even told me what type of cake. It was cool.

I spent most of the day feeling like death warmed up, but in the afternoon, we baked a blueberry cake together. It was awesome. I've spent considerable time teaching my eldest about baking techniques and flavour balancing recipes (sweet/sour/salty/spicy etc) but it had yet to occur to me to be teaching 3 year old DG this too. Ofcourse he bakes, he's a great helper fetching things he can reach and blending flours for me. But from now on, when adjusting the flavours in a sauce or risotto, DG will also be included in the conversation. Unlike his big sister, who wasn't interested unless it was cupcakes and there were sprinkles involved, DG seems a bit more involved in the whole process.

Who knows, maybe he's the next Heston Blumenthal?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Three Things

Three things I really don't like.

  • George Negus not getting the ratings he needs to continue. George is awesome.
  • Being told I don't share my feelings enough.
  • When my coffee mug gets lost and I don't find it again until it's cold.

Three things I'm disappointed about.

  • Retired swimmers coming back onto the scene and taking the places of younger swimmers. You've had your time, you retired. Now go away and get a real job.
  • Being ignored when I share my precious feelings.
  • The roses have finished blooming already.

Three things that make me angry.

  • People criticising politicians for private conversations. They're human beings too.
  • Working up the courage to share how I feel, and when I do share I'm ignored in the too-hard basket or turned all around to make it out that I am wrong for feeling that way.
  • Guitar hero four. It's just STUPID for vocal scoring.

Three things I am looking forward to.

  • Seeing Brisbane and surrounds rebuilt. I'd like to go visit later this year.
  • Reading the book my dear friend bought me as a pick-me-up over a dark Mocha at Theobroma tonight.
  • Going to my first GYM session! I can't wait to tone up evenly!

Three things I am grateful for.

  • Free Immunisations for my kids. I may choose not to have them done, but I'm so grateful that the option is there.
  • My Lily. She gets up in the night to tell me if the baby is awake and I haven't heard. She helps her brother with the bathroom. She is clever and funny and gentle and so beautiful inside and out.
  • Gloria Jeans's French Vanilla Decaf. Oh baby.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Don't you wish sometimes you could write this note?

Dear Extended Family Member (friend/general relative/sister etc)
I love you. Don't do it.
Your Mum thinks it's a bad idea. Your Dad thinks it's a bad idea.
I think it's a bad idea.

I realise you know everything at 'that' age, but really, you don't.
Please listen to us.


There is nothing harder than watching a loved one make a huge mistake. Especially when you've made a similar one. I'm making it a habit to learn from other mistakes. How I wish I'd known enough to learn this way when I was younger.
Dear Peruser... What do you wish you'd learnt earlier? Have you learnt from anyone's mistakes?

Why Smokers Shit me.

Even as a former chain smoker - I resent the fact that I cannot get into the coffee club to get my hit without having to hold my breath or inhale second hand smoke. I doubly resent that I can't hold my baby or toddlers breath for them. I triple resent that they shoot me dirty looks when I wave the stench away from my baby or go obviously out of my way to avoid them on the footpath.

Dear smokers in public places: bugger off and kill yourself at home.

Dear smoker next door that floats stench in through my windows regularly: Bugger off to the other side of your yard. Ta.

Things and people that irritate me. Yes, I'm having a good old vent.

  • Coffee shops that can't make a decent coffee that doesn't contain milk.
  • People who have regular holidays, yet complain they need a break every few weeks.
  • People who don't have kids, stay up late and then complain they are tired.
  • People who don't or won't use you're/your in the correct grammatical context. It's TRULY. Not. THAT. Hard. 
  • Overfilled teapots at a cafe. Do they seriously never learn with hot tea spilled everywhere on a regular basis?
  • People who assume I'm not married because I don't want to be.
  • People telling me how lucky I am that my partner 'stood by me' when our princess decided to exist earlier than planned. How about He's lucky I didn't throw him out and sue him for child support.
  • People who give you an evil eye if your trolley contains junk food at the checkout, which get exponentially worse dependant upon the number of children I have with me.
  • Players who choose a level too high then expect the other party players to get them through songs to get extra stars on Guitar Hero.
  • My laptop's crappy space bar.
  • Being called a hippy/earth mother/out there because I choose not to birth in a hospital and I'm too cheap to use disposible nappies and bottle feed. I'm not a hippy, I'm a tight ass. OK?

Ok and here comes the big vent.
People who have NO EFFING IDEA what they ARE TALKING ABOUT and yet think their opinion is valid. GUESS WHAT! It's NOT. Your opinion is LESS VALID if you have NO idea or experience on the topic you are spouting off about. F You Mr Politically correct for asserting that everyone has a right to a public opinion. Guess what! YOU DON'T! If you don't have personal experience in a topic and you're addressing someone who does, Shut up and Sit down. Got it?

Why I blog.

I can vent away on my FB, but my mums mates and my old pastor reads it (yes I CARE!).
I could vent and post social commentary on the forum which I moderate...but I have to watch what I say and political correctness gets old quickly.
I have a food blog, but that's not the right place.

So to blogging of a non-culinary nature I have turned. Some of the posts have been hidden for a while and copied across to the public forum so if there's a few posts with the same date, that's why.

Me. xo