Friday, December 6, 2013

I hate this time of year.

Sorry, but I do.
Why, at Christmas, does my family, immediate or extended think they can dictate my time? Why can I not want my kids to myself for a week before I don't see them for a fortnight, when they're not exhausted from a full school week...
Why, just because it's Christmas, am I selfish for not wanting to rush. For not wanting to watch happy families happen around us and feel bad for us because we are different?

Is it like grief? Where we expect the bereaved to feel better with gift baskets and flowers... A friend who lost her son was exhaustedly taken aback when a circle of her friends insisted she came out to lunch so they could 'treat' her and give her the knick knacks they had bought for her.

Do people think I'll top myself if I spend a Christmas on my own terms? Poor single person. Can't be left alone, let's put then in the middle of lots of families so they feel less alone.

Ok I've reached rant point.

I need a holiday, alone. Anyone want to come? ;)

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